U-motionMonitor your herd’s behavior


Take from herd’s management to communication

A careful observation is one of the key elements for keeping your herd’s performance at its best. Your individual monitoring may fasten heat detection, and lead to the diagnosis of metabolic diseases and other troubles. However, herds’ size as well as the number of labors has significantly increased in the past decades, thus leaving you less time to watch over your animals.
U-motion® is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Cattle Behavior Monitoring System that records the cattle’s activities and behaviors (feeding, drinking, ruminating, moving, standing and lying) round the clock. The AI driven system keeps an eye on your herd in your place so that you can focus on the rest of your work.

The Eagle EyeCheck your herd anytime and anywhere.

U-motion® consists in three types of sensors (3D-Acceleration, Pneumatic and Proximity sensor) located in the neck tag. These sensors can determine the particularities of animals’ activity and behavior, and the data from the sensors is transferred to the cloud database via internet at all times.
You can check the real-time data of your herd on PC, smart phone and/or tablet devices anytime and anywhere.

Wide Variety of AlertsWarning and alert notifications of heat and diseases

The sensors can find minute changes in the cattle’s activities and behavior, and the AI is able to determine the health and heat status of the cattle. The alerts and/or warnings are then displayed on your device when the detector finds a heating behavior or a poor health condition. Besides, you can also choose e-mail and/or push notification according to your need. The alerts and warnings notification system is certain to contribute to improve your herd management.

Into The Next ERARaise your cattle with AI

U-motion® (UM) is a powerful tool to improve your herd management, as reliable as would be a well-sharpened knife. The AI is going to fit on your input-data, which means you are its supervisor. We believe that UM’s monitoring combined to yours will take herd management into the next era.

Message from The Founder & CEO

Koji Seike, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DESAMIS –
“In 2016, I established the company so as to assist farmers and animals via new IoT*1/ICT*2/AI*3 technologies. These technologies are going to be widely used in all industries in the coming years, and animal husbandry should be no exception.
We DESAMIS provide the AI-Driven Cattle Behavior Monitoring System (U-motion®) based on state-of-the-art technologies. By detecting heat behavior and disorders early, not only can it reduce the cost of medical treatment and culling, but it also improves cattle’s health and performance.
It’s my great pleasure to pave the way to your prosperity with leading-edge engineering.”

  • *1 IoT: Internet of Things
  • *2 ICT: Information and Communication Technologies
  • *3 AI: Artificial Intelligence